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The Rapid Africa Plan (RAP)

The RAP Mission is a youth dedicated and youth driven program to build the Africa they see in their wildest dream. It gives the African youth the “power to dream again” in the words of one youth RAP champion, musician artist Portia Njazi aka “Tia.”

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The RAP -the Rapid Africa plan described in the job description is the outcome of an 8 year dedicated research pan one Pan African revolutionary Hannington Mubaiwa. He was determined beginning April 2013 to find out “What is wrong with Africa and what could be done to fix it, “a thesis (enquiry title) that jumped into his mind in 2000 as he had just landed in the USA at the age of 43.He hand been frustrated by the idea that at forty three years of age having built the true beginning of experience of life now ready do his party in empowering the development of the Zimbabwean society he ends up in the USA. From and internal enquiry, an urge to do something about Africa emerged both from realizing that the relocation to the USA was politically made and the idea that someone had to do something. He promised himself that if no one had found a way forward for Africa by 2012 he would retire and go fulltime to research that thesis “What is wrong with Africa and what can be done to fix it.” Sure Enough 2012 came and Africa did not have a one process roadmap and a blueprint for a united African transformation process. On the April 13, 2013, he set on the journey that took him into an 18 hour day of reading a research for five years. By 2014 he had figured out that the major nemesis awes that Africa did not have a plan and that Agenda 2063 was just a set of aspirations which did not have a means to fulfil it. With that revelation he decided to study how to create a plan and the outcome became ‘The Rapid Africa plan, the fast-track modernization of Africa. He authored a manual to drive that plan solely dedicated to the Youth of Africa as an instruction manual of the plan that would become their map to transform Africa in a Rapid way. It is a readymade ready to go highly technical, visionary, scientific and historically successful model built on the unerring science on which all transformed nations where built. A key element is the “Afrocentric transformation capital and finance model.” Capital and finance in Africa are the major kink in the pipe of a rapid industrialization of Africa. After publishing the book,1st July 2020, “The Riot Act the African Master reset, a third world modernization bible;” he published the RAP idea and informed the Africans on whats app media. There was about ten enquiries from African Pan African revolutionaries the first of whom were, Mau Mauk, the organizing Secretary and the Vice President Samantha Kendake, a diaspora African born the USA. In true testament to “the divine Serendipity adage”;by the end of July what is now known as the RAP_AAPA organization, the Champions and drivers of “the NEW Africa.( rapid Africa Plan -All Africa People’s Alliance. It was handed over to the “youth and some advisory elders on the 16th of April 2021 by the Architect on behalf of the elder generation of Africa who are the parents of the ‘African Youth.” We have left a mess and we now

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Donate to R.A.P. Missions

Rapid Africa Plan is the program designed to see the rapid industrial development in Africa, through the modernization and renewal of soft and hard infrastructure on the continent. To achieve this is a collective effort of us all, which is why we are asking for your support. Our Missions Team travels the continent of Africa to establish prototype nations, and that comes with an expense. When you donate to R.A.P. Missions, you will automatically be entered into a monthly drawing with the opportunity to win artwork from youth all across Africa and throughout the diaspora!



Meet the RAP Executive Team

Hannington Mubaiwa-President

Hannington Mubaiwa is the  visionary and design architect behind RAP's unique economic transformation and modernisation models.  His technical global oversight coupled with the ability to conceptualize the African Development Agenda is both an incomparable and invaluable asset to the team.

Samantha Kandake -Vice President

Samantha Moss is a Senior Revenue Specialist with The Florida Department of Revenue. She has 23 years of experience in state government tax administration and is the  Owner of 7 Rivers Properties LLC  Real Estate Investment.  Samantha has a BS in Marketing/ Management and an MA in Adult Education.  Samantha is  the Board Manager of  Stravena National Consultants  CEO of My African Tours. 

Dr. Henry Clarke Kisembo, PhD-COO

Dr. Kisembo is a Systemsprenuer who engages enthusiasm and passion to make change happen and harness it to create rapid, impact-driven, sustainable development and Social Impact; Holding a PhD in Financial Economics and a PhD in Development Finance, bringing 20 years hands-on experience in the Private Sector, Agrifinance, Development Finance, Project Design and Management, Remittances, Market Systems, Financial Inclusion, Rural, and Community development, Mental Wellbeing, MSMEs, Private Sector Development, Financial Literacy, Digital Finance, Agency Banking, Business Strategy, Policy and Regulation, Gender gap analysis and bridging, Value chain development, Fund and Resource Mobilization, Financial and Business Modelling, Institutional development, Investment and Finance, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, Micro Insurance, Humanitarian Response, Refugee Finance, Nexus Approach, Financial Services Development, Grant Management and he has undertaken small, large and complex projects within Sub-Saharan Africa and the Asia Pacific Region; worked under European Union, MasterCard Foundation, ACF, Weilt HungerHilfe, NRC, Palm Corps, USAID, World Bank Group, African Union, AfCFTA, RAP-Network, UNCDF, AfDB, DFID, JICA, GIZ Frameworks, NGOs, CBOs, CSOs, Governments and Private Sector Cooperation. He has served across Africa in key design, implementation and strategic leadership and management roles.

Elijah Tiimob, Director of Admin & Operations

With a MSc Degree in Pharmacy, Elijah Tiimob is an expert in Community Pharmacy Practice with special interests in Immunology, Substance Misuse Treatment, Nutrition, and Travel Medicine. Elijah is skilled in public speaking, teaching people how to improve their health through lifestyle changes and nutrition, writing for media, and organising events. He is an avid reader of various scientific publications, self-development publications, and psychology whose foremost skills are nudging people into action and ensuring projects are completed to very high standards, on time and on budget. 

Nuekie Aku Opata, Director of Media

Aku Opata worked in higher education for 15 years as an administrator in the field of teacher education.   Aku completed her masters degree in Adult Education and Distance Learning and her doctorate in Instructional Technology and simultaneously began a graphic design firm specializing in marketing, branding, and political campaigns. Aku is a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, Board Member of the U.S. National Committee for UN Women,   Director of The Tema Cultural Arts Festival, and Co-Founder of The African American Cultural Society of Scotland County Inc.

Dr. Adebayo Adedokun, Director of Missions 

Adebayo Adedokun, Ph.D. is a Trade, Finance and Development expert with over two decades in Trade, international Finance and Human capital development. He holds a Doctorate degree in Economics from University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria, where he currently teaches in the Department of Economics. He has attended a sizeable number of local and international conferences including those organized by United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), Africa Union and a host of other international agencies. He is a Fellow of World Business Institute (WBI) in Australia, Fellow of West Africa Institute (WAI) in Cape Verde, Fellow of Institute of Capital Market Analysts (ICMA), Nigeria, Associate Member of Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered) (NIM),Nigeria, a fellow of institute of Public Policy and Economic Analysis (IPPEAN), New York, United States and Member of Nigeria Economic Society (NES). He has facilitated for a number of organizations as a training consultants, few among them are the Office of Accountant General of the Federation, Abuja, Lagos State Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Economic Intelligent Units (EIU), a think tank for Lagos State Economic Policy thrust, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, Association of Economists and Statisticians of Nigeria (AESN) an organization he currently head as the president. He has several publications to his credit and have been active in community services within and outside the University.

Kofi Kwamena, Director of Fundraising

Kofi Kwamena is a Qualified Certified Accountant and  strategic thinker who has been noted to have a wealth of ideas. Kofi's MBA was centered around NGOs and their operations in developing countries and he studies literature surrounding Africa's development. His personal motto is "Don't try to be who you are not". 

Wilson Mubaiwa, RAP Board Member

Wilson Mubaiwa is a construction consultant and entreprenuer. He is a chartered surveyor, a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, A chair on the RICS APC programme, an adjudicator, a visiting lecturer at the University of Brighton and the founder of the Rapid Africa Network. He is a staunch pan Africanist who envisions an economically successful Africa underpinned by the great resources and the resourceful people of Africa. He believes in the emancipation of Africans from mental slavery and wants to contribute in reconscientising Africa to believe itself and its people. He wants to see economic development of Africa where the added value is shared by its citizens.


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