The Rap Youth League Board

Asaph Ataho Nyenyezi 

Youth Coordinator.

is a young visionary pan Africanist and political activist who’s driven by conviction that Africans are great enough to invent their own future

Awuni John

Head of Corporate Affairs

Awuni John is a young leader with a strong mandate to serve Africa and the world as a whole.Awuni is from Bawku the upper east region but was born in the Akan land. He has passion to serve humanity in various categories ranging from pan Africanism,Journalism, Diplomatic relations and Entrepreneurship. Awuni John is the fifth born of his parents Mr and Mrs Awuni who worked as cocoa farmers in north west region . Awuni is a freelance journalist based in Accra His hardwork yielded him appointment with Union of Journalists for Africa free press UJPLA Headquartered in Ivory Coast.

Mr. Choongo Costern

Public Relationships.

I am a Social Scientist, Bachelors in International Relations and Diplomacy, I am an African affairs Activist with more than 5 years of being active in Pan Africanism , I am a Public Speaker, I am Southern African Regional Director for Dali overseeing Zambia, Namibia, Angola, DR Congo, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and other countries in the SADC region, I save as Women Economic Forum Senior Technical Advisor for Southern Africa Region, I am the Senior Technical advisor for Pilot International in Southern Africa,I am the Youth Programs Manager for Rapid Africa Plan RAP in Zambia, I am involved in community Humanitarian activities, Helping vulnerable girl children and women in rural areas and rural schools. Conducted a 30 days Organization Capacity Assessment for AMwA in Zambia (with DALI), I am a Board Member of United Africa Organization in Zambian Chapter, a Team and Youth Mobilizer, involved in Mentoring and educating girls about self-determination and how they can overcome setbacks as girls for them to achieve their goals in life. Conducted one year online Girls/ women Mentorship and Motivational Forum and congresses in collaboration with international Feminist Speakers from UK, USA, Ghana and Kenya in 2020. Currently I am the Representative of Women caucus for stewardship in Zambia which is based in UK, Representative of Power to our mother’s foundation in Zambia which is based in Ghana, Leader of Middie Mitchel Foundation in Zambia which is based in Australia.

Kevin TSA Anye Kevin

Head of Finance

Tse Anye Kevin is a God Trusting person, An IT systems administrator, Entrepreneur, Human Rights Activist, PanAfricanist and Trade Unionist. CEO Career Library Ltd since 2007, Vice president and president trade unions, president football club, Vice president state 55 Afrika, Member Global African Congress UK, Rapid African Plan, International Schiller Institute and the Committee for the Coincidence of Opposite. Socialist movement of Nigeria and others. Freedom Fighter for humanity, justice, peace and the wellbeing of humanity. The well being of all humanity is the responsibility of all and we all have a duty to use our God's endowed talents to find solutions to man's problems. These solutions can be found through innovation, industrialization and economic development in collaboration of all of humanity.

Itodo Daniel

Head of Mobilisation

ITODO DANIEL ENEOJO is a leadership crusader, a humanitarian, an Entrepreneur, and a PanAfrican visionary with a dogged passion for raising new generations of young African changemakers (teenagers and youths) who are courageous, visionary, and have the capacity for excellent leadership. At the age of twelve, Daniel realised he wanted more out of life than what his undesirable humble background had to offer. A life that should be the right and privilege of every African child. In the course of his long walk to freedom, working and toiling in hard labour for nineteen hours per day and for six years, as well as his exposure to the promise Africa holds, he came to the realisation that a better future is possible, a future where everyone, especially the African child can live a decent and dignified life. This became his passion, to see a better future for the African Child where they can be whatever they wish to be without blood and tears. Itodo is an industrial physicist who obtained his first degree from the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria. He is the founder of I.D.E HUMANITARIAN AND LEADERSHIP FOUNDATION, a Non-governmental organisation with the vision of raising African teenagers and youths with great visionary leadership abilities and capabilities.

Jewel Fitila

Head of Media

Jewel Fitila is a poet, artist, a composer and a songwriter, he is the author of Darksand, the first sci-fi novel written and published in Africa. Jewel is also an accomplished recording artist and concept developer.

Frank H.Minga

Tanzania chapter Representative.

Frank Minga is both a pan Africanist, educationalist and social scientist. After graduating in 2011, Frank worked with the Forum for African women Educationist (FAWE) in Tanzania Chapter as a facilitator in bringing gender equality, Human rights and Women’s empowerment across the country in Tanzania. Also shortly worked with Tanzania education network(TENMET), UNCEF in collaboration with FAWE during the implementation of the project of safe space at Shinyanga region. There after he worked shortly with Red cross society – Tanzania baby health tracker as a volunteer. In 2014 Frank was part of a team which conducted research for constructing a market in Kibaha district council. Frank has also contributed to gender activism in Tanzania by engaging in training, research and awareness raising on gender related issues. He has also been active in governance issues by serving as a voters observer in the 2015 and 2020 election process. Frank is currently a consultant where he used to implement consultancy work with difference organization like Rungwe Garden company limited, disabled organization in Pwani region,Environmental is Life and working as Tutor of community development at Bagamoyo profession college. Frank also Represent Pan Africanist movement in Tanzania and at the same time offers volunteer support and facilitation service to Africa in teaching and learning Kiswahili,create awareness raising on Dismantling colonial mind-set that affect African continent.

Idris Ashe

General Secretary


Boadu Michael Angelo

Head of IT

A senior computer scientists and software engineer 

Princess Nikiwe Bhabhanomhlehlo Bam

Head of Indigenous Institution

Princess Nikiwe Bhabhanomhlehlo Bam is a 36 year old cultural, traditional, social and educational activist, She is a lastborn of uNkosi Tatana Manzayabila Bam, and Nozakuye Nolusapho Bam, of Ngxabane clan, of Mpondomise Nation, in Ntibaneni, Ngcobo in Eastern Cape, South Afrika. Currently a Maths and Science teacher in Johannesburg, Gauteng. She is the Founder and President of Afrikan Young Indigenous Leaders and Royal People Development Services. A member and sector coordinator of World Women Leading Change. She has been appointed as a Culture Ambassodor to South Afrika, by Aido Network International and part of the Aido International Cultural Committee. She is also a Founder of Adopt An Elder Foundation, a director of NPB Science Maths and Technology Academy ( NPB SMT Academy Pty Ltd). Graduated from Wits University with Bsc Hons in Science Education, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Bsc in Chemistry and Applied Chemistry and Certificate in Project Management. She has participated in different forums discussing culture and traditions, featured in Star Radio UK, Suncity Radio Jaimaca, SABC Talk shows, Umoja Love as cultural expert and Galaxy Universal Network TV. She is public and motivational speaker. Her leadership experience includes being a volunteer manager for the FIFA 2020 WC at Ellis Park Stadium, three year volunteer manager for students at Wits Community Outreach Programmes, serving as Chairperson of CONTRALESA Youth Wing Gauteng, Cultural Officer for Xhosa society at Wits university, and many more other structures. She was also priviledged to be nominated as a Human Rights activist during the Rain Queen Modjadji Achievements Awards. Princess Nikiwe Bam has travelled to eSwatini and Malawi, inquest of knowledge of different cultures and ceremonies. She has a passion for a united Afrika, and indepedent monarchs across the continent.

Portia Njazi

RAP spokesperson

Zimbabwean award winning musician and philanthropist Media communication and criminology graduate (Monash South Africa). Passionate about charity work which involves the well being of disadvantageous children.

Kwame Gonza

Head of Pan African Affairs

Kwame Gonza is a Pan African Revolutionary, working on a Unifying Africa into a single state with other like minded individuals and organizations, he has appeared on SABC News South Africa, Oromia Broadcasting Network Ethiopia and TV Africa of Ghana to give analysis on the state of the Continent in relation to the World, he is a co-founder of Connect Africa responsible for bringing together Pan African forces and also PROFAR (protection of African resources) a think tank tasked with defending African resources